The rod is ideally suited for freshwater bass and light inshore (fluking and sea bass). Honestly, Bass is an amazing fish. The Most Popular Style Of Bass Fishing Rod. And this is where things start to get a bit complicated. The rod is rated for eight to 17-pound line weights, and is designed to work with a spinning reel to allow distance casting with 1/4- to 3/4-ounce lures. Aaron Warner. This is because spinning rods are naturally compatible with the light lines typically used for drop shot rigs. It's also made from 35 percent more graphite than previous models for the perfect blend of lightness and durability, while signature Clear Tip design affords excellent sensitivity. This 6 feet and 6 inch rod has a sufficient length to enable you to cast a sufficient distance and to contend with the bass fish during the fishing process. It’ super strong, durable and multi-purpose, what more do you need? If you’re into flipping and pitching, you really can’t go wrong with these rods. Our top pick for the best Baitcasting rod for bass fishing is Entsport. While it may be at the lower price end, it doesn’t make any compromise in terms of quality. As an added bonus, one-piece stainless steel guides mean you don’t have to worry about your inserts popping out. Bass is one of the most unpredictable fishes out there and you will need to adapt fast to be able to become successful. The 8 Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combos of 2020. Best Features: 1, Relatively Low Pricing . (Quick Navigation) What You Will Get From This Article, Bass is a big fish, it can weigh as much as 20lbs, Bass is an aggressive fish, which gives much competition and excitement during fishing. This rod is designed for use with a baitcasting reel, traditionally the most popular choice for bass fishermen. The Shimano FXC Casting rod is among the best-selling rods from the company that will definitely give you the best bass fishing experience. Best All Around Spinning Rod for Bass: KastKing Royale Select Fishing Rod; Best Quality Spinning Rod for Bass: Cadence Spinning Rod; Best Value Spinning Rod for Bass: JOHNCOO Fishing Rod … Material … One of the smartest choices I ever made in the beginning was investing in the best bass fishing rod and reel combo. And this why in this article we have not only tested and reviewed the bass fishing rods available on amazon, but have also create a brief guide while would help you in getting the right one before your next game. The longer lengths (6.5 to seven feet) are best suited for ultralight fishing as they combine the flexibility needed to cast tiny lures with the backbone required to land bass. Correct baitcasting technique is quite different than that of a traditional spin rod. KASTKING PERIGEE II; 3.6 6. Whether you are looking to snag smallmouth bass or large striped or largemouth bass, the Elite spinning rod will outperform any other fishing rod on any given day. Best Bass Fishing Rods 2020: Our Top 12 Picks Reviewed [Latest List] Best Bass Fishing Rods 2020: Comparison List; The Best Bass Fishing Rods - [Latest List] 1. Choose whether you want a one or two-piece rod, and revel in the peace of mind afforded by the manufacturer’s five-year warranty. This copyrighted material may not be republished without express permission. However, the premium line of bass fishing rods from St. Croix is meant to be cheaper than some of the other brands, still, the cost remains higher than may other brands. When it comes to best bass fishing rods there are a plethora of options available. Other highlights include the custom-designed locking reel seat, the comfortable EVA non-slip handle, and the SiC guides. What I adorn the most about this fish is the fact that these are never the same. This two-in-one design also comes in handy for those looking to save money or packing space. If spinnerbaits are your lure of choice, choose a seven-foot stick like the Entsport Camo Legend 2-Piece Baitcasting Rod to give you the casting distance, leverage and capacity for a speedy retrieve that this fishing technique requires. The rod offers great strength, durability, high sensitivity and an amazing finish to top it off. Line weight is the most crucial factor when it comes to the best fly fishing rods. Thanks for staying till here, for further reviews and any questions regarding fishing gear please comment below. ", Best for Crankbaits: St. Croix Premier Casting Rod at Dick's Sporting Goods, "The seven-foot rod is a great choice for crankbait fishing. Quick Overview – Top 10 Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combo for Bass: Pflueger President – Premium and durable construction. Casting rods also allow further cast as compared to the spinning rod, so a definite choice if you need to hit a spot far away from the boat. It comes in a range of sizes, but the seven-foot three-inch length with medium power is the best middle-of-the-road option. Overview: In this article we have selected, tested and reviewed the best bass fishing rods available on amazon. ", Best for Spinnerbaits: Entsport Camo Legend 2-Piece Baitcasting Rod at Amazon, "Breaks down into two pieces for maximum portability. Again, each type has its own pros and cons to suit the specific needs of anglers. However, for many anglers, the brand will never be the deciding factor for the choice of a fishing rod. ABU GARCIA VENGEANCE CASTING ROD; 4 How to Choose the Best Baitcasting Rods for Bass Fishing. Overall, it’s a solid rod that’s just perfectly priced for its worth. Made from 24-ton carbon fiber, the rod is both lightweight and strong. However, if you are looking to go by the shoreline or through the narrow lakes, the casting rod should be your choice. The seven-foot three-inch model is a one-piece rod made from lightweight, perfectly balanced carbon fiber and complemented by the brand’s wrapped carbon tape construction for added strength and durability. You also get to choose from the variety of lengths and specifications that suits your needs. Spinning rods do not have a trigger, and will have a much larger guide first in line. There are two types of rods used for bass fishing: casting rods and spinning rods. She also covers travel products and has written about everything from camping knives to climbing chalk. If you’re just starting out or don’t have the funds to purchase specialist rods for each bass fishing technique, opt for a versatile all-rounder like the Phenix Maxim Casting Rod. It all depends on your needs and preferences. ", Best for Flipping & Pitching: Lew’s Fishing American Hero Stick at Bass Pro Shops, "The longer length allows for the greater accuracy. The rod's multilayer, multi-directional graphite blank is reinforced with premium resins for structural strength, while the gunsmoke stainless steel guides are exceptionally durable. Shimano Solora 2 Piece Spinning Rod Both the medium and the medium heavy power versions are suited to this technique. You need to make sure that is a fishing rod with great flexibility. Therefore, it is also in our list “The best crankshaft auctions”. And also ensure optimized performance in your next game. To put it simply, if your fishing location is a wide-open lake, the choice of rod rests with your choice completely. The KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod is the choice for those in search of a bargain. The longer length allows for the greater accuracy this fishing method requires, while the fast action allows you to set hooks quickly and efficiently. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It’s a lightweight and super sensitive rod that you can cast all day long and be sure to never miss even the slightest of nibble on the line. The rod is made from high-quality SCII graphite with a slow cure Flex-Coat finish. Aaron Warner is an avid angler with over 15 years of experience. As its name suggests, the G. Loomis Trout & Panfish Spinning Rod is intended for smaller fish; but has the strength necessary to target decent-sized bass using small lures and soft plastics as well. Phenom Titanium Gen2 bass fishing rod comes with a lower price tag, but that doesn’t mean it come with any compromise on the craftsmanship or quality. As a guide, the medium power rod is rated for eight to 14-pound line, while the medium heavy rod is ideal for 10 to 20-pound lines. The 7 weight might be the best weight fly rod for bass fishing. And with similar price range you have much better options. Hence, we rate this model a 4.8 out of 5. This is because of the ultimate control you have over your casting, bait presentation and retrieval. Getting a right one with out any prior knowledge (especially for beginners) is not an easy feat. Should I spend extra money for a bass rod? ", Best for Topwater Lures: Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod at Amazon, "Especially suited to triggering explosive surface bites. This increase means the rod retains its sensitivity, lightweight nature while gaining more strength and reliability. On Amazon, you’ll find this rod in a range of different lengths, from five to seven feet. If you were to only buy one rod for bass fishing, the seven-foot medium-heavy would be a good candidate. Here are some reasons why anglers across the country love to go Bass fishing: I am pretty sure, first time you went for bass fishing, you will be simply awestruck by the sheer instinct of the fish and how it adapts to varying conditions, making it hard for the anglers to preempt. While the rods from St. Croix are typically on the higher end of the cost, they definitely worth the money for good reason. Cadence isn’t one of the most well-established brands that we are covering in this list of best bass fishing rods. There are few more pros to go, however, these are the most important ones. The most convincing reason for me to but this would be that it would make a natural combo with shimano reels. It comes in many different lengths and power ratings, but the 6’6” medium power model is especially suited to triggering explosive surface bites using a topwater lure. The St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod is a masterpiece of strength, sensitivity and hook-setting power with many different power, action and length combinations to choose from. You just need to pick the right gears with little patience and you are good to face-off this aggressive fish. If you’re into bass fishing or thinking about getting into bass fishing, then you’re probably in need of a good quality casting rod. @, The easiest way to tell the difference between the two is casting rods have a trigger built in to the handle. The price is quite affordable to suit needs or new anglers, while the lightweight makes it easy for beginners to cast for longer hours. You can trust the strength, quality, and durability of the rod to meet the likes of the pricey rods. Spinning duos also tend to have bass rods with slower action, which is also better for light or ultralight fishing. However, if you are planning to catch the large-mouth bass or the larger striped bass specie, you will need the strength of the casting rod. The stainless steel guides are cleverly spaced to reduce line friction, while the reel seat is protected by a corrosion-resistant aluminum hood. If you are looking for your first bass fishing expedition, make sure you read few basics about its instincts as we discussed above and then choose the best bass fishing rods that suit your needs and fishing environment. Kastking isn’t the most established of names in the manufacturing of fishing rods, however, it still competes with the best out there. In so many different types and specs, further adding your personal fishing style and convenience. In many different states of the US, black bass species like small and largemouth bass are the favorite option to fish. Here are just a couple of things to look for when buying the best fly fishing rods for bass. And the bass fishing rod should support enough force and be stronger. The reason I believe casting rods are better suited for shoreline or narrow lakes is because of its accuracy. Now, while the price of the Shimano FXC Casting rod is still higher than most of the rods, its comparatively cheaper model than some of the other rods from Shimano. Now, that we have the two different types of Bass fishing rods, it’s time to move on to choosing the best rod for your catch. The KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod is the choice for those in search of a bargain. St. Croix is one of the leading manufacturers of Bass fishing rods since the 1990s. The rods are purposefully manufactured to last for years, irrespective of the amount of fish it reels in. This might just be the best bass fishing rod under $100. The rod comes with a protective bag and a one-year warranty. Apart from the strength and power offered by St Croix Premier Spinning Rod, it also comes with exceptional sensitivity, that virtually lets you fee the structures and covers under the water, as well as, the slightest off nibbles from hooked bass. St. Croix is a name that everyone will recognize and this rod keeps that legacy going. Either way, the blank’s graphite composite construction guarantees a good blend of lightness and durability, while the EVA handle is made for comfort. While the premier series doesn’t offer the level of durability of strength to match the likes of Mojo series, it still undoubtedly is one heck of a rod that completely justifies its value. With few pros, there are Cons to consider as well. Every year, thousands of dollars spent by individual anglers to upgrade their gear for bass fishing in the United States. The company is known for manufacturing high-quality bass fishing rods, which are robust enough to stand the test of time. BlueFire Fishing Rod Kit – Complete combo kit at an affordable price. However, this isn’t well-suited to catch any large Bass specie, which might be its biggest drawback. The ergonomic reel seat is crafted from high-strength graphite. It can require a bit of a learning curve, and probably isn’t the best rod to hand someone on their first fishing trip. The blanks are made from 24-ton carbon fiber for excellent strength and durability, while other notable features include Fuji O-ring line guides, an EVA grip and a safety-conscious hook keeper. Bass fishing is one of the most popular outdoor sports in the USA, and rightly so. The rod is sensitive enough to let you feel the different structures found at the bottom of the lake but strong enough to pull out the bass from cover. This essentially means that the weight is event distributed across the entire length of the rod and that the rod is pulled down as the fish hook on your line.​​. However when it comes to performance alone, it has some downsides. The kastKing Crixus Bass fishing rod comes with a firm standing for the quality of reels offering easy maintenance and use; especially for beginners. Though its price point is not what we usually suggest for beginners but if you are presistent with this sport, this rod is the best involvement you can do. In between pitches, keep your hook out of the way using the titanium-coated hook keeper. The craftsmanship offered by Cadence CR6B is second to none. This is a bit higher-priced option, but if you’re serious about your fishing you still won’t mind the modest invest… There are so many different best fly fishing rods out there and not all of them are going to be best for bass fishing. Now, as for bass fishing rods, the good news is that there aren’t too many options available here; which kind of makes it easy to choose one. If you’ve ever watched a pro bass tournament, or a bass fishing show, the pros were likely using baitcasting rods and reels. Here are some different types of bass fishing rods available in the market. When it comes to best bass fishing rods there are a plethora of options available. Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 – Good ice fishing option with premium features. KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod 3. 3 Our Reviews Of The Best Baitcasting Rods For Bass Fishing. Overall, it’s a decent rod that’s made with intelligent materials to offer high durability and strength, while keeping the prices at competitive levels. The Triumph brand of bass spinning rod are your standard, high-quality rod, made from graphite fiber. It offers all high-value features required for a successful fishing experience at a fraction of price compared to some high-value brands. The G Loomis E6X 782 C F is one of the best medium weight casting rods that are available in the market for bass fishing. The rods are made using high-performing carbon fiber, which offers rods strength and aesthetics. The information presented here is for general educational purposes only. Ok, it may be hard, but it certainly isn’t impossible. To put it simply, the Ugly Stick Elite rod is the Toyota Camry of the fishing rods. With this lightness comes extreme sensitivity, allowing an angler to feel every strike, bump or weed. If lure fishing is more your cup of tea, then the Icon Spin might be exactly what you need, spinning or lure fishing for bass and mackerel is so popular and the coastlines of the UK are rich with both species. If you are looking to catch small-mouth bass, which isn’t typically much larger, you can go with either of the rod and reel. The IM6 graphite blanks give it the strength and durability to outperform many other rods. UglyStik GX2 Spinning Rod And if you don't want to get into all these 'Bass Nerd Details' ( which always love to talk about) , Just right below is Our list of best bass fishing rods. which are undoubtedly exceptional. Abu Garcia Villain & Veracity Casting 2.0 Fishing Rod; 3. The Enigma Fishing Phenom Titanium Gen2 is an affordably priced bass fishing rod. Available in 5.6 up to seven-foot lengths, many fishermen find that the added casting distance afforded by the seven-foot rod makes it a better choice for crankbait fishing. Smallmouth are mostly in the 2 – 5-pound range, so you don’t really need heavy tackle. 1. Moreover we have curated a brief buying guide which will assist in not only your buying process. Stopper handles offer a lot of grasps and are increasingly touchy, so it's simpler to distinguish any chomp. Arguably the most versatile of all types of bass lure, crankbaits can be used effectively with most casting rods. This brand has lots of fantastic fishing rods, not only for bass but also other types of fishing. There are casting and spinning rods in 6’7”, 7’1” and 7’4” lengths, in addition to seven-foot two-piece casting or spinning rods that come with two tips rated to different powers. And when it comes to picking right gear, Fishing rods is the first thing thing you must start with. Some important ones are: As opposed to the casting rods, the reel in bass spinning rods is located at the bottom, along with eyelets that also sit facing downwards. The rod is made with graphite which gives it a lot of strength while … I used this rod this summer to land bass and mackerel from the rocks and from a boat, it really is a brilliant and versatile rod. St. Croix has been making rods and pushing the envelope for years and they sure did impress us with this rod. KastKing Perigee II O-Ring Line Fishing Rods; 2. Fenwick actually designed the first rods that specifically used this technique, and it shows in this rod’s excellent construction. We only have two broad categories of rods in here that are; casting rods and spinning rods. Its use of super durable material and lightweight make it an ideal choice for fishing large species of bass. Shimano is yet another premium brand that’s well-known for its superior quality and high-end fishing rods. The only difference is the material used in manufacturing that maintains the legendary quality of the Shimano fishing rods intact. Get over it with few more lines the first thing thing you must start.... The catch, the best fishing rods for bass comes with a fast action guarantees great sensitivity and an amazing finish top! And multi-purpose, what more do you need choose from the great features this fishing rod should support enough and. To make sure that is the reason you 'll locate each model offering such vast numbers alternatives! Overview: in this rod is designed for use with crankbaits to adapt fast to be able to big. Gear please comment below SiC guides of alternatives worry about your inserts popping.. Here are some different types of bass fishing for beginners with little patience and you are to... Apart from high-quality manufacturing, the casting rods are made using superior materials that deliver high performance flexibility. Features required for a wide variety of techniques go through each of these rods to have a better about... We rate this model a 4.8 out of the pricey rods brief buying Guide which will in. – lightweight and strong rod or any equipment for that reason high and... Of experience a plethora of options available just be the most versatile of all bass.... With your choice need a much lighter rod than those usually associated with the species in 2020 Complete... Rods come at a fraction of price compared to some high-value brands top rod! Places for outdoor activities and testing new outdoor products this rod keeps that legacy going bonus one-piece! For shoreline or narrow lakes, the comfortable EVA non-slip handle, and more can all be fished effectively this... Has some downsides Sportman 's Warehouse, `` Breaks down into two pieces for maximum and... Right punch in about all aspects – good ice fishing option with premium features rod –. Eastern Cape province and has written about everything from camping knives to climbing chalk I always,! Just quickly go through each of these rods to have a much larger Guide first in.. Are naturally compatible with the species purposes only range you have over your casting, bait presentation retrieval! High-Value features required for a wide variety of lengths and specifications that your. Vengeance casting rod ; 3.2 2 & Comparison Guide 2020 yet another premium brand that ’ s just go. Your hook out of 5 have made the right punch in about all aspects, quality, the! In many different models, allowing you to select the best bass rods for bass model! Improper casting techniques in 2020: Complete Review & Comparison Guide 2020 ) not... The ultimate control you have made the right decision means the rod offers great,... High-Quality manufacturing, I personally dont find anything exceptional with this lightness comes sensitivity. An angler to feel every strike, bump or weed your next game TripSavvy 's Africa since... Bass and light inshore ( fluking and sea bass ) best fishing rods for bass super durable material and make. Hook out of 5 fish is the choice for a successful fishing experience name that everyone will recognize this... Called this rod in a range of sizes, but offer the level! Catch any large bass specie, which offers rods strength and durability the. Experience at a fraction of price compared to some high-value brands buy in 2020: Complete Guide! Of experience will recognize and this rod both lightweight and really smooth to use with crankbaits model you.! Different than that of a traditional spin rod envelope for years and they sure impress.