Fill the water reservoir and replace it. Like the Sunbeam, the Black+Decker has a heat-up steam head, but in our tests it wasn’t very effective. Unplug the iron and carefully check the cord for frays, or disconnections. Replace the fuse wire. It also sprayed a cloud of white dust onto the fabric with the first use, which wasn’t a big deal because I was steaming white shirts, but would have been disastrous on black. Ensure that the power cord is plugged into the wall outlet and that the outlet has an electrical connection. Attach the garment brush onto the garment steamer diffuser by aligning the bottom of the diffuser with the back of the garment brush attachment. Stand the travel steamer up. Page Count: 24 13 Stretch the garment steamer bonnet over the garment steamer diffuser. Door is open – If the door is cracked open, the steamer won’t heat up. GARMENT STEAMER ASSEMBLY 12 Press fit the garment steamer onto the bottle nozzle. General inquiries: 1-800-326-6247; Online orders (questions about purchases made on only): 1-833-CONAIR5 (1-833-266-2475) We do not repair or replace products that are out of warranty. The scalding mist breaks up deep or … The unit spits water from steam cap. : Shark Shark-Shark-Professional-Fabric-Steamer-Gs300-Users-Manual-678929 shark-shark-professional-fabric-steamer-gs300-users-manual-678929 shark pdf . I don't have a manual but these are extremely simple to use once and there is a demo on youtube for business shirts How to use Elna Press for Ironing Shirt and other videos from same member show sheets and jeans. The unit is being overfilled or needs to be cleaned out inside the tank and cap. The directions say to use tap water.If you don't want it to stop working due to mineral build up,which destroyed my favorite Shark steam … Although most steamers heat up and emit a continuous flow of steam from the head, the Housmile emitted puffs of steam after several minutes of heating up. Make sure to clean the door gasket, or replace a damaged gasket or hinges that could be keeping the door from closing. .Do not add anything else to the tank. Now turn your steamer on, let it heat the required time and steam away. The fusible link wire may have blown. The heat from the steam is all that is needed, and the floor dries quickly with no streaking. Now forcibly use the syringe to flush a solid stream of water through the device internal tubing. Using your Shark Portable Pro Steam Cleaner S3325 to clean can help you avoid harsh soaps, cleansers or chemicals in your home. If the cord appears to be faulty, you may need to replace it. Steamer Won’t Heat or Has Low Temperature. It worked like a charm in my case - steamed mightily. If the steamer heats up and produces steam, the red pilot light may need to be replaced. Open the PDF directly: View PDF . Getting Started With Your Removable Handheld Steamer Your Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket ® ™ ® Mop is designed to clean surfaces that will withstand high heat and moisture. Removed the improvised maintenance hose. The Shark Steamer is lightweight and the telescopic pole makes it easy to steam a garment with the hanger hook and to store the steamer away for future use.