Do-it-yourself leg curls. Steady yourself, contract your thighs and core muscles. You place a dumbbell between your feet, making sure you have it secured to prevent it from slipping off. At-home exercises can always be a little more tricky – you need to get creative. You might find that some of the alternative exercises might suit you better, particularly if you are in a home or … Just as the horse stance is a primarily isometric exercise, the stability ball curl is a perfect movement for building static and dynamic strength. Leg curl exercise help build stability and tone your legs. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commision. You need balance, strength, coordination and good muscular endurance if you want to complete leg curl alternative properly. Keep your knees straight and use the overhand grip to hold the handlebars. Once you have comfortably positioned the handlebars behind your head and rested it on your shoulders you can move on to the next step. Hold the kettlebell but give it a slightly loose grip. Pull up your hip into a full extension. For most people, the balance and strength required for the bodyweight movement will be enough to build strength and mobility in the hamstring. These are not just one of the best alternatives to a leg curl, the Bulgarian split squat is hands down one of the best exercises for developing dynamic strength in the hamstrings, quads and glutes. Slowly move down at the hips, using the raised left leg as an anchor to balance you as you move down. The cyclist squat, or quad squat, is another leg extension alternative. If you wish to work on your hamstrings without using this machine, there are alternatives you can do that require little to no exercise accessories at all. It involves flexing your lower leg against a resistance towards your butt. Position yourself close to the bars. Higher rep sequences might be effective but could also lead to overuse injuries as the hamstrings are long/skinny muscles which can become injured easily. The king of all hamstring exercises. James still on the leg curl machine? Forget James and the leg curl machine and check out this list of the Top 13 alternatives to leg curls to do at home and in the gym. Place the stability ball underneath your legs. Glute ham raises are a superior alternative to leg curls anyway. This will allow the kettlebell to properly swing inside your hands. One great advantage of having a stability ball is that it can emulate the benefits of a leg curl machine at a cheaper price. First, begin by lying down flat on your back. Keep your cores tight, and pull yourself back up to the kneeling position. Alternative: Deadlift, glute-ham raise The leg curl or the lying leg curl is one of the most effective isolation exercises that bulk up and strengthen your hamstrings. There are several alternative ways to work your hamstrings, the muscles located on the … This will make sure that you create even strength in both legs. 17 Powerful Tips to Boost Muscle Growth [Backed by Science]. This is one of the most convenient of all the leg curl alternatives. This exercise focuses on the hamstrings with your body being the weights. One of the best at-home exercises is just as good at the gym. Our personal favourite is the seated good morning. and allow for a wide range of exercises, most popular of which are the kettlebell swings. Beginners should focus on keeping their reps low (less than 12 per set) with an emphasis on perfect rep quality. . Most gyms will carry heavy kettlebells – up to 100 pounds. Place a barbell (if you are using one) on top of an exercise step so that the bar is shin height. Another smart and super-effective alternative to leg curls is good mornings.