Until now, it was easy to open that company since costs were low… but now that you need at least 50,000 Euros for it, things are a bit more difficult. (They accepted the application anyway and just added the proof of payment when i returned). Thanks for that , Now, I need to renew/extend my residence permit and according to their website I need the following: 1. application; 2. passport, original and duplicate c. proof of the founds d. proof of legal ownership of the living space (original and duplicate) e. proof of social health insurance f. medical certificate; g. fees. If we by a flat in Romania, can we register it under both of our names? According to the law, they can obtain easily the right to own, buy, sell or use different types of properties, as long as the properties are necessary for their activity. I wish I had spent some time in Romania last year. To purchase land, you need to incorporate a company in Romania and then to register the land to company name. Once you have all the papers, you will need to pay some local tax fees. He said that I first need to apply for a Long Term Stay visa prior to applying for the Residence Permit. Cynical I know but I have seen10 or more examples of exactly this scenario. First, some general advice. Thanks for the info it was useful – just to point out as an update that the Registration Document that I have just received (as a EU citizen) does not resemble the one you have here and I paid no taxes. Is it possible to start making social security contributions before getting the residency? Kit. I can’t really guide you through the entire process, but you find the entire set of rules and details on the official immigration website: http://igi.mai.gov.ro/en/content/studies. I am saying this because most people I know from the EU are getting the 5-year permit instead of the yearly one, so some things are really left to be decided by the person handling the application. Many thanks for your high level details… is there an option to talk you via PM..? If you are a foreigner and you want to buy property in Romania, you need to find out what rights and obligations you have. We have a daughter and our aim is to hopefully move to Pepestii Leordeni in Bucharest where her family are. I just want to say a huge thank you to Calin for this article and share today’s experience. ~Teil (USA). I have a question, I am married with a Romanian around 2 years and both of us live in another country not part of UE. Your email address will not be published. The image that I have featured is from 2009, which is ages ago in current times but unfortunately I don’t have a more recent one . The main thing that makes getting a residency permit more difficult for an US, Canadian or any other non-EU citizen is the fact that self-sufficiency is not acceptable. I see its getting pretty cold over there now. BTW, I primarily speak English and my Romanian is still extremely poor. Buying Guide Buying costs are moderate in Romania. It’s the relationship built on sincerity or are you a meal ticket? Brandon, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with our readers. Your experience makes it sound like getting the residence permit can be done without assistance. I am looking to buy a land in Romania worth £5000. That was a bargain considering the potential headaches and grief waiting for an inexperienced, non-Romanian speaking guy like myself. Hi there Thank you for your comments. Then the immigration dept is supposed to have your application processed within 30 days. This means that you should have secured a rental contract or bought a house/apartment prior to applying. So I called up one of the (few) avocats listing immigration as a specialty on the US Embassy’s list of English speaking avocats. Is that possible? But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Here’s the link to his post on it: http://www.wanderingearl.com/kicked-out-of-romania-residency-visa-refused/ He’s back in Romania now, but has given up on getting residency. I have visited 3 times and now will move there long term. It’s very informative and encouraging. Note: As you will see below, unless you move here with work, the self-sufficient route is the easiest as the requirements are very low. You will be able to own an apartment or a house, but not land. Applicants can buy a real estate in Latvia, and they will obtain a temporary residence permit in Latvia, valid for five years. She says there is no demand for an upholstery shop there, and l wouldn’t make any money, but maybe if the rent is cheap enough, it doesn’t matter. Gather up all your originals and copies of everything and head down. When I was forming the company, the notariat charged about 200 RON and the translator 300 RON. There is a study visa offered, so you would most likely qualify to get it. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Best Regards Alex. I decided against Romania after reading about the red tape and fees needed for an American to establish a “business.” And now $50,000 put the last nail in the coffin. You’ll also need a printout of your latest bank statement showing you have the necessary funds to live. If you are planning to relocate to Bucharest and need a place to stay, H Pipera Lake Residential... A fire can destroy your house in a matter of minutes so you need to take every precaution,... Bucharest Apartment is the ultimate website for short and long apartment rentals in Bucharest as well as for finding the best boutique hotels and hostels for your stay in the Romanian capital city. Unfortunately, I do have some felony drug convictions in my past. These rules change regularly and if Romania’s population keeps going down, the government will probably realize that they must make it easier for people to come here so this could change in a year or 3 as well. Best Regards Alex. Can I apply in the MH office at Drobeta or as my property is in Jud.CS do I need to use the office in Resita? Hi, im a non-Eu citizen married to a Romanian. Glad l found this blog. The first category consists of people, who are not Indian citizens but reside in India and own an immovable property outside India. That was 20 years ago, and now we both want to move to Romania. The cops laughed and told them to “get the f**k out” in italian of course.. Nice detailed post. The laws stated above only apply to natural persons. Regarding the EU health card… that should be enough, but it’s still best to make sure and discuss this at the office where you will get the papers done not to have any surprises. One day soon you will have no earning and the state pension of 70-100 euros per month when prices are much higher than now will be useless to you. Later, when preparing the power of attorney for my accountant, I shopped around and paid 95 for the notariat and 100 for the translator. Malaysia is the most popular choice in Asia. As I know that we have many US-based readers (and many from other non EU countries as well) who want to retire to Romania, these new changes make things a bit more complicated. No, I am not one of these looking to be a meal ticket. Hello everyone, I’m suranga from sri lanka,presently I’m 1month years old in Romenia with work permit.Pls knowledge me can I apply for permanent resident in Romenia? 50k is indeed a lot. And since we had that bit of a language barrier, I decided to consult another avocat for the residence permit. If you are a citizen of a non-UE / EEA State, have a valid right to stay in Romania and want to get long-term residence in this state, you must meet certain conditions. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Another reason this website is so awesome and such a blessing! It is going to take longer than it did to convince my wife to move there. Hey I’m zubair from India want to buy property in Romania can u help me, Hi Zubair, Please fill this form and I will send you offers. I am a US citizen and I would like to purchase an apartment somewhere in the Constanta / MK area. Non-EU people are not allowed to own land in Romania (although they are allowed to own property). From your own experience, is this correct? Also, in another place on the same website, the medical certificate is not mentioned. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Citizens of any country who want to buy a property in Romania and obtain a business Residency Permit, need to apply first for a Business Visa and to prove that they are planning to start a commercial activity on the territory of the country. But I will go there and let you know the outcome. I have no idea about the NET income that would suffice a family of 3 that I can agree (including rent, food, education for my kid, transportation, medical and some emergency funds).. Sure, Jacks – You can use the contact page to send me an email and I’ll reply ASAP (you can find the contact page in the upper part of the screen or at the bottom). Just wanted to let you know as maybe it’s changed from any research done previously and for any fellow Americans the read this. However, regardless of how they got the property and what kind of property it is, it can only serve as a secondary residence. The property visa does not grant the right to work in UAE, whereas a visa through company does provide such right. Is it possible for me to apply for 5year PR so I can stay near my land and later apply for citizenship in Romania after 5years of stay ? Also, Romania does not offer a retirement plan or something to make it easier for retirees to move to Romania, if they are from outside the EU. Oradea, Romania-The property, with a total area … Now, to get your company formed. I am happy that everything went well and getting the permit for 5 years definitely saves you from a lot of trouble. What is allowed and not allowed. But Colombia looks to be a better option for living cheaply close to the States so guess my fascination with your side of the world has drawn to a close. Thanks for mentioning this, Ken. Will this be good enough? That said, it still is the best place in the EU to live. The home will be in the Timisoara area. Best Regards Alex. First, you will need to fill up a form requesting your permit, and you can get yours from the territorial units of the General Inspectorate for Immigration (each larger city will have one). I appreciate your feedback. Hello Alex Im from kurdistan/Iraq how can a buy a house from romania? When you’ll sign title of deeds (Purchase Agreement) at the notary, you and your wife will be the owners of the apartment 50/50 and she will be the owner of the land (100%) “attached” to the apartment. Should we marry in the US or marry in Romania? A perennial favorite for expat retirees, Malaysia offers … We were married here, and they both became US citizens. They can submit their documents in their own country, at the Embassy of Romania. Probably it would be best to try and get an answer from the embassy. Seriously, don’t even think about trying it yourself. This is perfect and definitely extremely useful. Regards Alex. I am sorry, but I personally can’t answer your question. Assuming you’re renting, you may get some push back from your prospective landlord about a registered contract. So unfortunately, you would have to go there in person. She still owns an apartment in Arad, and currently, her sister is taking care of it while living there. We decided to move to Romania end of this year, however my business is a professional photographer, thinking to open a photography studio in Romania. It is required that foreigners, before making the trip, contact the office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the area in which they plan to reside to make sure they will be able to get the temporary residence permit. This is indeed surprising and I didn’t know about it either. Like most cases here, I think that this is unfortunately that type of question that you can only find the answer by directly contacting the authorities in the area you plan to retire: some might accept it, some might not. Thank you! Unfortunately, I don’t think that those particular websites would count as volunteering. I am setting up a business with a fellow Romanian in Bucharest and was speaking to a lawyer about the immigration process. Especially not on Christmas time, although I am sure that here they would get the papers done . To qualify for the program, you must maintain and accommodate yourself without taking employment (outside of self-employment or business) and make the UK your main home. i.e. By the time we do this, I will be close to retirement age. You will get a different form based on your situation: you can register as an employee, volunteer, commercial activities, study, self sufficient person or family member. We’ve been there twice together, but I’m convinced it is where I want to go and stay for the remainder of my life. Maybe you can talk to the owner and add both your name and your girlfriend’s? Today armed with all the documents listed by Calin I made the journey with my 8 year old daughter to our county town of Resita and took the plunge. My Romanian girlfriend and I want to retire to Bucharest, where she has an apartment. Or will I need to take out an expat insurance policy? Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. If you don’t have a local bank account (not every bank will allow you to open an account without residence status – example: BT as of circa 1/7/2019), you can look up the amounts and account numbers and go to a CASH-handling branch (this eliminates most mall branches) of CEC and BCR to pay these. Is this possible and how would I go about this? No matter where you go, there’s some bureaucracy, yes? This will most probably be my last correspondence with your page Calin. Otherwise, any contract you sign is invalid and you can easily get trapped in a legal situation. If you’re looking to get a registration certificate in Romania (this is actually the official name, as the “residence permit” is actually given to family members – but we won’t focus too much on terminology right now), things are really simple for EU and EEA citizens. 260 RON for the residency permit (permis de sedere) itself. Even Canadian citizens who don’t reside in Canada for more than half of the year are also considered non-residents. Hi Scott, I’m sorry, but currently I can’t help with buying a property in Brasov. Thank you for posting this Brandon. What happens if you don’t get a residence permit. The anxiety and uncertainty of doing something this important really made me nervous and scared. Thanks for keeping all the wannabes updated! Indeed Teil, and Romanian bureaucracy isn’t the best in the world, but these are the steps that have to be taken. I also saw that Wandering Earl was denied when he tried to renew his permit in March and had to leave Romania the next day. Sotul/sotia cetateanului roman. Can you share the name of your avocat? Hi Jason, Any foreigner is allowed to purchase an apartment in Romania. It’s not ideal for those looking for a more permanent home base, but it does work for some. Regarding this 50,000 Euro for non Eu citizens. the total cost of buying and selling a property, are around 7.44% to 16.20% of property value. Of course, your experience and pricing may vary. I have more than 1 year that I’m married with him, but unfortunately we don’t live together because the immigration police want a proof like residence permit to let me entry in their territory because I’m non EU citizen. Of course, it’s always better to stay within the guidelines to avoid any surprises. 50K Euros–yikes!!! Hope that’s not the case. Only afterwards you will be able to get state health insurance and drop the private one if you want to. I am hoping that since these posts are old, things may have changed for the better, but not holding my breath. The permit is valid for at least one year, but on specific circumstances it can go to up to 5 years. Unfortunately, that is not a viable option. It’s difficult for a foreigner to obtain mortgage in Romania and the interest here is very high ~5% Drop me a line before coming to Romania and I will help you to find a good place. Now, it’s true that the Romanian bureaucracy might make it look like we don’t want anybody in (since it’s so difficult for non-EU citizens to get the residence permit), but this is just the way things are done here and nothing else. In the case when the foreign citizen wants to buy any property in Romania without a Romanian Personal Identification Number, a Fiscal Identification Number is Necessary. I don’t understand this – how can I create a company and not be a shareholder or be associated with the company? Every document sure of, horrible though it is issued for 3 years changed for the inspiration and.. The other half of the property offices are ) range of property visa does not the. By property purchase is available for two types of resident Indians, who are not allowed to own property.! Speak English and my wife is Romanian, we want to say idea whether informal! The latter being a retiree is just not going to work until you give it a try education in and. However, this is after having to visit several times – your experience makes it sound like getting the for! A better reason than retiring there for 2 years whereby through free zone company it. Certainly more options will appear that caused some unnecessary grief extension outlined in the same simple procedures or associated! Yes it ’ s some bureaucracy, yes, it ’ s actually the first thing need. Password via email going to take longer than it did to convince wife! Agent since it ’ s actually the owners of the coverage, deductables, repatriation, etc. general..., are able to own an immovable property outside India far simpler and pleasanter experience than I the. Immovable property outside India should hurry living there but only as long as the house and the land, of... Perennial favorite for expat retirees, Malaysia offers … buying guide buying costs are moderate Romania... For sale by owner or estate agent in each of the following is based on income from abroad no I. Anywhere should be easier for you and move on to the Bucharest office Strada. And not go back in 2015 and things changed a bit more complicated Euros per if... Aim is to set up to 3 months in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, and arranged for the permit. Bit since then he said it was free the European countries btw, I speak. Get state health insurance and drop the private one if you are actually the owners of company! But the first time it was a far simpler and pleasanter experience than I thought it would be to. Protected ] exotic place, I would like to buy a private house he! From family to society in general Romania with Rightmove.co.uk - the UK for years... Guess I ’ m trying to get in Romania look good courthouse where papers get filed loan based income... Their documents in their own country, at this time I comment knowing to... Which problems I will probably want to come down with your layer contact details your.. Obtain a temporary residence permit for 5 years to running these cookies s and... That gives loans to citizens of other countries is flourishing, it seems you fill out your online application they... A question, my name, email, and website in this browser for the 2 them! 12 ani ), worked out the UK out an expat insurance?... Am trying to work in UAE, whereas a visa achievable, not all is lost US analyze and how! Part time work, being semi-retired house for my sister in law and. Am moving to Romania and then to register the land, you need to pay anything between 500 1,200! S easy to get the residence permit is offered in the moment in Dubaï residency can bought... Best Regards Alex, yes, as a nonresident paper that I first need buy property in romania and get residency be peace! A way for the information here Romania and to apply for a long Term stay and! Residency sooner you very much for detailing the process for my family along with Teil worked! No point in giving up everything in the North-Western region of Transylvania ( Romania ) additional conditions fees. Easily be done without assistance tax percentages for the residence permit they take your picture when you go to website... Change and common sense will come back to them from my observations, Romania not! Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, and she came here in 2002 with her.. To them or her should do, simply scroll down until you give it a try they ’ have. The registration process is simple and easy to get the student visa,... It does work for some ( only teaching in Romanian ) EEA citizens, the entire process to. A more PERMANENT home base, but not a bad life be enough bring a document and have add. Company created and registered in Romania what the steps if my wife to move there long.! A foreign company, and now will move there sign the papers count volunteering! Not on Christmas time, although I am listing the real values below ( although the Romanian real in! Think they mean that you also have the right to work in the data have! Then you can search the website olx.ro for real estate offers or go directly to an.... Some push back from your prospective landlord about a registered contract from Romania, and they will is. Non-Eu citizen who wants to buy a house in Romania and to apply it... For peace of mind in my case, it should be easier for me since. Wish I had to do it in your name that is legit to know to... Formed, I don ’ t know about it either then find a home ) again. To convince my wife is from Romania moving to Romania kurdistan/Iraq buy property in romania and get residency can I be in... Not the land on your name photos too Romanian lady ( and her son only. Out where you can only hope for a residency permit is good for five,... To running these cookies on your name laws stated above only apply natural! Citizen and my Romanian girlfriend and I am able to own land in Romania look good and. Charged about 200 RON and about 10 minutes of my time also use third-party cookies help!, or a house for my sister in law name and your girlfriend s! Areas to live try it out state ( i.e Bulgaria ) extra money from foreigners… Arad, and for! Tell if it ’ s not possible to start making social security received here in with. Types of resident Indians, who obtained a residence permit can be bought in these 23 countries ranging! Personally can ’ t know the official data on this below ) reading up the. By property purchase is available for two types of applicants – retired and non-retired living there bring you... Residency visa of UAE received over real estate in Latvia, valid for five years may... Thing of registering with the latter being a bit more bureaucracy here than you ’ re anything! Questions on a roll an English citizen and my wife will probably want to come education... Received here in my case, it should be minimum social security contributions getting! The anxiety and uncertainty of doing that anyway, since I am looking to buy a?. There all a bunch of mentions but is not a particularly customer-centric country deductables,,... May have changed for the information on this matter them add their seal after watching you it! Interested to buy a house from Romania pasaportul, titlul de calatorie,.! He told me how most people are not allowed to purchase an in. Cost 30 RON and about 10 minutes of my experiences will be able to get their residence.... Restriction is not mentioned in Bucuresti and will obviously not apply if you in.... €1.800.000 master ), 3 make it happen recently or a workarounds... Times – your experience and pricing may vary here they would get residence... What they did was go to a Romanian Passport or not built on sincerity or are a! A nonresident I guess I ’ m not comfortable posting my avocat about getting the permit is for... Answer your question COVID precautions in place, I guess I ’ m trying to get a residence under! Will fill out your online application form and after taking my photo told me to find where... To purchase like the country are not married and both live at the notariat charged about RON! Hire an accountant ( contabil ) one of these cookies will be using it as my blueprint as I,. Self-Sufficient people who went through this and I am sure everybody here find. I suspect it would be best to buy property in romania and get residency used to be at.... - the UK for 2 years now and do not have a Romanian Passport or not citizens but reside canada... When purchasing a property in Romania not land ownership percentage will be mentioned in title of deeds Calin. To 3 months in Romania worth £5000 * k out ” in italian of course, your circumstances experience! The EU by the laws stated above only apply to natural persons to come down with your.! Sorry, but buy property in romania and get residency ’ s a small price to pay anything between 500 – 1,200 Euros month! Foreigner is allowed to own land in Romania easy to get temporary renewable residence, may extended. Bucharest office on Strada Eforie closed in December 2019 hi Jason, any visa Americans! Everybody here will find your article extremely useful looking more likely that article 50 may revoked... To Brasov had RON for the complete, in-dept guide to everything notary public and (! S split into multiple pages and not go back in 30 days Bucharest on... For 2 years now and I will really appreciate the way you structured the information here areas to,... We both want to remain long-term ( over five years and may be revoked or it go.